Ice Form

Welcome to my website. For over thirty-five years I have pursued my love of photography. I feel privileged to be able to share this love with others. My new work takes center stage on this site, but there is an archive page that contains earlier work. You will also find a link to Kanchi, a separate site that features the underwater photography of Camille Lenore and myself.

My earliest photographs were done in silver gelatin. In 1990 I expanded the darkroom to include the platinum palladium process. Most of my work is still done using traditional photographic methods, but recently I have been incorporating digital imaging techniques into my box of tools. All the negatives for platinum printing are now done digitally. I use digital capture and printing for the new Color Ice Forms.

Many years ago I was asked what I would do if film was no longer available. My answer was I would continue to work with whatever tools were available. To give up my art would be unthinkable and would probably be my undoing!